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The ING Bank is one of the major banks in the Nederlands, but regrettably they are very racially prejudice, especially towards the "English", they refer to everybody that lives in the UK, as "English" even if you are Scots, Welsh, Irish or English, we are all English!  


You cannot open a bank account with the ING Bank in the Nederlands, apply and they refuse, because you are "English, liars and thieves", we know this, it happened to John Page and others! 


John Page tried to warn them of the embezzlement from within his company, seeking their help to stop it!   But the ING Bank manager, a Mr Cor Steijsiger, was too busy refusing to see him or reply to letters and emails!  Finally, the company was forced into bankruptcy, by the ING Bank, with over €2.2m having disappeared into Swiss bank (Amas Bank)accounts.


Now in 2016, the ING Bank has grabbed ALL John Page's old age pension, it is to be paid to them until the liability John Page did not incur is repaid. The money was embezzled by Alexander Lee Khoo, with the assistance of corrupt Dutch Lawyers;


Mr Arum van Bunge, Mr Sjoerd Tilman and Mr Martijn Bressers.


But the ING Bank, the Dutch Police or the lawyers will not prosecute or recover the stolen money, why? Because Khoo is Dutch and John Page is English!  As we told you the ING Bank is racists and arrogant!  John Page is the biggest loser, much more the ING Bank!


Is it any wonder they had to pull out of the UK, selling out to Barclays, because thousands of the “English” had already experienced the ING Bank, racially, vindictive attitude!


ING Bank had an outburst to take down eurocomment web site. The answer to their arrogant demand was NO! The world will know the truth about the racist, arrogant ING bank, who considers they are above the law. They can sue if they wish, we would welcome it! But, and we repeat, in the now ten years this exposure of the Dutch racist bank was started, no one has taken action, although this and other sites has thousands of followers, in many countries world wide, why no action? Because they cannot justify their position as they know everything stated is true and backed by hard evidence!


Maybe you would care to read just a selection of the correspondence sent to the ING Bank, to which the ING Bank has NEVER replied too!


There is much more to follow, but this gives you an idea as to the extreme prejudice of the ING Bank, mainly their branch manager, Mr Cor Steijsiger, but then again there is arrogant Mw L. Haasnoot, Mr Jan H.M. Hommen,former CEO  and now Mr.Ralph Hamers the new CEO who has NEVER replied to one letter, ever!


The ING Bank were informed of embezzlement, their help was sort, they were issued instructions by a shareholder and director of a corporate client, they were given a directors agreement, signed by both directors, stating Alexander Lee Khoo, the companies accounts manager, could not instruct the ING Bank to pay out any monies, and that both directors had to approve payments of over €500.


  • Did Mr Cor Steijsiger ever reply to a letter? -  NO!

  • Did Mr Cor Steijsiger ever reply to an email? -  NO!

  • Did Mr Cor Steijsiger ever return a phone call? -  NO!

  • Did Mr Cor Steijsiger accept a personal meeting? -  NO!

Maybe 'Cor' is in reality,  short for CORrupt Steijsiger?

  • Did Mr Cor Steijsiger encourage the embezzlement of €2.2m? - YES!  

  • Is the ING Bank responsible for the total embezzlement? - YES!

  • Is the ING Bank extremely racially prejudiced? - most emphatically, YES!


    Full Info  Full details here!
    Correspondence  All the ING correspondence !
    Ignored  Documents ING deliberately ignore !
    Outburst  ING Outburst



Thank you for your time, the site is updated regulary, as the fight continues!

Remember, question everything, it is surprising what the real truth is!



We are pleased you could join us, this site has been running for many years and the response has been exceptional and surprising how wide spread the Dutch hatred is! 

This website details the Lies,Corruption and Racism, experirienced whilst living and working in the Nederlands

This is only one of several websites, hosted world-wide dedicated to exposing the truth about the racial prejudice that exists in the Nederlands.


 Different people are guided to different websites by our mass emailing that takes place several times a week


The various people that maintain these websites are all very sympathetic to the abuse suffered by John Page. The site is updated regulary, as the fight continues!

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